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17/09/2017 14:20

“Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself” Summer School

08/08/2017 – 08/13/2017

You often hear about offsite trainings and seminars on self-development, business and promotion held in other countries and still dream to attend some of them… Did you know that in Moldova they have been organized for a few years now? One of them is called “Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself” Summer School for volunteers organized by the Republican Volunteer Center (RVC) and the Jewish Youth Club Haverim.

It consists of workshops and lectures delivered by Moldovan successful businessmen and businesswomen who have shown the seminar participants how to put their knowledge into practice. As a result, more than 70 seminar participants, guided by coordinators and experts, have come up with 20 new ideas, 10 of which will be implemented as social projects within the framework of the Republican Volunteer Center.

“Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself” Summer School was organized at the Dacia-Marin Recreation Center in Vadul lui Voda.

It is amazing that just in one week, people who had never met before, have become friends and formed several great teams sharing the same values, having the same interests and aspirations! Each group will work in one of 4 directions: helping children, helping young people and teenagers, helping the elderly, helping animals and the environment.

Experts in business, psychology, social entrepreneurship, marketing and promotion on social media helped the seminar participants develop their projects. Among them we should mention Anton Pahotin, Irena Pocladova, Vasilisa Smirnova, Ludmila Siomina, Mihail Cebanu, Ecaterina Maskautan and a special guest from Odessa, Sergey Opanyuk.

Besides, the seminar participants were guided by our skilled coordinators who explained them all stages of volunteer project development.

Their collaboration has been so fruitful that in the nearest future 10 unique projects will get funding. But this is not all. Each seminar participant has gained unique experience, knowledge and skills, some volunteers have demonstrated their leadership skills and become social project coordinators. The most surprising thing is that some of them had never heard about volunteering before attending our Summer School.

Once again, this demonstrates that by solving the problems within our society, we improve ourselves, and vice versa, which is the main purpose of our Summer School. We wish all seminar participants good luck and patience in their volunteer activities!

“I am very happy that each year more and more people are showing their interest for and getting involved in volunteer activities. The desire to help others and to do good deeds is the main idea in the process of education of a socially responsible, tolerant society. Only by joint efforts we can make the world a better place and to make other people, at least, a little bit happier. Volunteering changes our attitude to ourselves and towards others, changes our values and our ideology,” Nikolay Railean, Director of the Republican Volunteer Center expressed his opinion about “Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself” Summer School.

This project has been implemented with the support of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Office in Moldova (JDC), KEDEM Jewish Cultural Center, and the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova.