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04/07/2017 21:52

On May 9, we recall those who fought to the last patron in the middle of the hardest days of the War, who defended our cities and did not let the fascists into our houses. Who at the cost of incredible efforts stopped the enemy!

We bow down to the heroism of those who fought, who beat the aggressor on earth and in the sky, who passed a victorious march along the streets of liberated Soviet cities, who saved the country and purged Europe from Nazism.

In anticipation of the Victory Day volunteers from the RVC congratulated the veterans with this great holiday! It is always a great honor for us to devote time and attention to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, to congratulate them and to have a conversation with them. We take off our hats to exploits, the power of spirit and will, the unbreakable heroism of these awesome people. It was important and interesting for the guys to learn the history of this event from the veterans themselves, as well as to thank for the peaceful sky above their heads personally!

The RVC team thanks the veterans for the priceless gift they presented to the next generations – life! We wish you many years of life!