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06/01/2019 15:36

As you know, every person has a talent or skill, and sometimes you have several skills. Every person is interested in something. Someone likes to sing, someone – to dance, someone – to act on the stage. At first it is not evident so that parents could notice it and send you to a certain club; sometimes talents are hidden. How to discover them? You need to try! You need to be engaged in different directions. Try yourself and do not be afraid of anything. It is important to discover your talent, understand what you like and do this work, develop yourself and open your talent to the world. Be creative and grow spiritually.

On November 9, the project “Creation Space” was launched. It is aimed at self-development and discovering the talents of young people, namely teenagers from 15 to 19 years old, due to creative work on the stage. It is important to discover your interests when you are young, because it is the best time for creativity and self-realization. It is essential not to miss anything. While you are young, full of energy and have much free time – you need to devote it to self-development.

The guys who decided to try themselves on stage and gain theater skills have already visited the first classes. The participants learned the work plan, the things they had to learn and do, and they also found out the way to overcome their fears associated with theatrical play. The guys also received homework, which helped them to learn how to manage facial expressions. They are inspired and are ready to try themselves in the role of actors. And we wish them good luck!