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29/04/2016 15:13

We managed to hold one of the most large-scale events for the whole history of the Republican Volunteer Center. We would like to remind that on 10 April, it has already been celebrated for many years in more than 70 countries the Day of Good Deeds.

This day millions of people gather just to make kind acts. In 2016 RVC has brought this holiday and to our country. More than 300 volunteers have participated in the actions which were carried out all over the city. The reaction of the citizens and guests of the capital for these events has pleasantly surprised us. Having heard the announcement about the transport or having read about us on the Internet, they actively participated in the charity events, such as blood donorship, etc.

We managed to hold a number of volunteer events: A trip of the volunteers to the children in the Oncological Center, hospital of Ignatenko and also they presented the program for the children in the Center of Rehabilitation. We could improve a park zone Alunelul, and also put in order children’s playgrounds in the Jewish kindergarten No. 68. The unique ART object in Valea Morilor park has been created and the action in the city zoo was carried out. It had also been organized the trip to the orphan house for the elderly people. The number of the volunteers went to the dogs shelter”Hope Island”.

The Day of Good Deeds has come to the end on a pedestrian street of E. Doga with the concert of Moldavian scene stars. Dances, fun and a great number of different entertainments were waiting for not only the volunteers, but also the passersby who could not remain indifferent. On 10 April 2016, the Republican Volunteer center was supported not only by the citizens and the volunteers, but also by the reliable partners.


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