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06/01/2019 16:34

Sometimes it is so important to smile to someone who needs it … To cheer up, hug, distract, make fun, play, do something useful for another person. And sometimes it will not make you much trouble, but it will relieve, save, make someone feel revived, full of energy and happy. This is especially true for children.

Every Sunday our volunteers visit the children who are being treated at the Ignatenko hospital. Volunteers come for a reason, everyone prepares for this visit, invents a certain occupation or exercise. They hold various educational workshops, entertaining games with children. They draw, play musical instruments, sing, create various handicrafts together and just talk to children, give them new emotions, make them happy, give smiles and positive things. Kids really need it.

Feeling the happiness of our little friends, we understand how important this project is, how useful it is. Our main goal is to raise the spirits of the children who are being treated in the hospital and to distract them from this unpleasant hospital boredom, treatment and drugs. And we are sure we succeed!