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08/02/2019 19:29

Unfortunately, not all people treat animals as our furry friends, who need care, love and a person. Many four-legged friends are left outside, not understanding why the world is so cruel to them, continuing to wait for their beloved master and believe that he is about to return … but that is not true. Others are born on the street and every day are forced to fight for life …

It is nice that they have a chance to find a home, thanks to those who care, create and maintain animal shelters, which also need help! Sometimes it is difficult to cope with one pet, but in the shelter there are many of them!

And we also care! Our friendly team regularly visits animal shelters, and we made another visit on January 19. We visited the animal shelter “Zorika”, which is located in Cricova. In this shelter there are more than 70 dogs and a lot of cats.

It was a wonderful sunny day, and we had a great time with our four-legged friends. We made friends from the first moment! We walked with the dogs, pet the cats, played with them, tried to give the maximum care and attention, helped clean up and repair the houses. Although we spent little time with them, it was very sad for everyone to leave our furry friends. But we will return again and again to visit our four-legged friends!

We are also glad that we were able to bring them the necessary things and food, and we thank everyone who helped to collect a package for the shelter. Thanks to everyone who helped!

And we want to thank the shelter “Zorika”, and in particular, Tatiana Manastirli for such a warm welcome and care!