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06/01/2019 16:15

Life is unpredictable, and it’s great when you can stand up for YOURSELF, rely on YOURSELF, find a way out of a difficult situation by YOURSELF. So, young people can learn all these things on our project – “I’ll do it myself”, aimed to learn about safety and behavior in extreme situations.

Three classes have already been held within the context of this project. At the first lesson everyone was getting acquainted with each other. The children got to know their teachers, and learned more about things they would do and study at lessons. The second lesson, which took place on October 29, was thematic and the children learned a little self-defense. The lesson was carried out by the former military man and master of sports. The guys learned a lot of self-defense techniques and even tried to practice under the strict guidance of the teacher. At the end of the lesson they received deserved medals and sweets for active participation.

On November 5, the participants had the third lesson, which was devoted to the first aid. At first, the guys told what they already know and are able to do, and then the lecturer introduced the children to different first-aid items, told about the types of wounds and the way to treat them. After that, the guys practiced the gained knowledge. We also had an exciting game with cards, on which were depicted various injuries and medical supplies and we had to combine them quickly and correctly. And the lesson ended with watching a cartoon on the corresponding topic.

We like the fact that the children are attentive to the information and serious about learning. In addition, the young participants understand that this will definitely be useful for them.