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07/02/2019 20:12

On January 27, at International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the long-awaited premiere of “Live to Remember” was held. The performance was staged within the project “Spectator’s Theater” and it is based on real events, the stories of older people and their memories.

In fact, the performance is based on the bloody terrible events of the Second World War, which still makes your blood run cold. The project lasted about 10 months and the play was its final event. The project participants had been working, creating and rehearsing this performance for 10 months. They put a piece of themselves in it, thereby making it better than just a play. It must be admitted that the participants worked hard and did their best, so all the guests were excited about it.

The project was attended by representatives of two generations: the elderly, whose childhood was broken by the terrible war, and the modern youth, who are not indifferent to the history of our grandparents. They studied a lot, rehearsed and worked hard. Today they touched us deep inside, did everything to make us engaged in the performance, so that we understand how important it is to remember …

It is crucial to keep the memory of such events, because only in this way it will not happen again. We must pass this memory to next generations in order to keep people from such horror and suffering.

The event was attended by 270 guests. There were people of different generations: young, middle-aged and older. Even the youngest spectators and their parents visited us today. All tickets were given to guests and were not even enough for many interested people. But we ask you not to get upset, because we will definitely repeat the play!

We are very grateful to everyone who shared their memories, all the actors who worked a lot to put on the play, which was directed by Olga Korzhenkova, her assistant Rem Parabin and project psychologist Lina Tetyusheva. Many thanks to everyone who helped create this memorable event at the RVC, those who made decorations, designed the stage, as well as to all who did not remain indifferent, who was in the Concert Hall of KEDEM today and who keeps the memory as we do. Thank you!