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11/02/2019 12:06

We can create a miracle from simple things by ourselves! What is necessary for this? You need to have skilled hands, the necessary materials, your imagination and positivity – and voila! Do not be afraid to create something, because creativity makes a person powerful, provides energy and distract you from the daily routine.

And it is better to create together, isn’t it!?

On January 10, another creative workshop was held as a part of the project “Changing the Paper for Good”. This time it was organized for the guys of the “SunRise” project, who work with children and like to surprise them. Olya Harabazhiu came up with something interesting and taught this to volunteers. This time they made cardboard toys for our youngest friends!

The master class was positive and friendly, enthusiastic guys saw the ways of creating wonderful things from paper or cardboard and how easy it was to “change” the paper for good! They have created bright toys that kids will surely like and they will be able to please them, using their new knowledge and skills.

So the project “Changing the paper for good” will be waiting for its new viewers, who will create miracles at the next meetings!