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16/07/2017 12:12

Volunteers of the project “Old age is a joy” again play the role of magicians and fulfill the dreams of their wards!

Marina Botsan and Larisa Zinkovskaya helped the ward of the Nursing house for the elderly, Raisa, to meet her sister. Raisa has been blind for years and absolutely can not travel around the city without someone’s help. She was already afraid of not having a chance to see her sister anymore, because she often gets sick and almost does not get out of bed. The sisters were helped by sympathetic volunteers who gave them the opportunity to meet after a long separation.

During the long-awaited meeting, the sisters could not get enough talking to each other, recalled the brightest moments of their lives through the tears, rejoiced, and hugged. Raisa also gave her sister a blossoming violet, which she has grown herself, hoping to give it to her sister someday. At the end of the conversation, they agreed to call up every Saturday, when volunteers can help them in this.

This touching story is one of many that become real thanks to the work of sympathetic volunteers!