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27/08/2016 14:01

How much do you know about people you work with? For any team not only productive work is important, but also a strong friendship, too. This is why we have held an event called Open Space on 27 August.

It is aimed at sharing volunteer experience, acquaintance and pleasant communication. The participants also have shared their impressions of volunteering, discussed  their hobbies and favorite activities, personal qualities and many more. A special surprise pf the event was the communication with our foreign guests from the USA, Germany and Israel. They  have taken part in activity of the Volunteer center, visited the House for the elderly and disabled in the framework of the project “Old age is a joy” and shared their impressions about it. Also they have told some interesting things about themselves and their impressions about Moldova.

The event went far beyond the formal communication and continued after the official part. Thanks to everyone who joined our event! See you at the next Open Space!

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