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07/02/2017 17:53


Within project “Origins of Mercy” Hanukkah meeting has taken place. It has united two generations: elderly and young people. Hanukkah is a holiday of light. Every time we look forward to it, remembering the brightest points of the departing year.

Volunteers of the Center encouraged elderly people to feel festive mood, and, at last, they have gathered with their wards for the Hanukkah holiday. You cannot call our Jewish grandmothers and grandfathers old. They danced as young people as if they were ageless. Various Jewish songs performed by Revekka Safronova have filled up the holiday atmosphere with cheerful and bright colors. Smiles didn’t leave the faces of our guests, and hearts were filled with feeling of something incredibly near and dear. All of us have felt link of times and traditions, a mysterious miracle of Hanukkah.