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16/07/2017 17:04

“Origins of Mercy: School of Repair”

Our volunteers, including girls, actively participate in the project “Orifgins of Mercy” in the direction “School of Repair”. The guys are interested in everything, because the skills they receive at the educational master classes, they use in their activities. This time our volunteers, Rotaru Oleg, Lesya Musica and Victor Gusanu, visited Galina Petrovna, repaired chairs that were shattered, and the kitchen table. Now you again can drink tea at the table with pleasure. Galina Petrovna is glad that the guys are always ready to give her a helping hand. Thanks to our volunteers for their kind hearts and golden hands!

We remember that the main mission of this project is to help the elderly. We want to revive a sense of responsibility for them in society. The project is divided into three main components: “Home Care”, “School Repair”, and “Socialization”. The work of volunteers in these areas eases the daily life of an elderly person.