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15/07/2017 21:59

Volunteers of the project “Shabbat Guest” have visited Chorik Bertha Grigorievna and met with her the holiday of Saturday. The hospitable hostess told them a parable, as is customary in Shabbat. The volunteers also learned more about her difficult life in the ghetto during the war, about the experience of taking part in the shooting of the film “Where I was found by the Victory III” and the photo exhibition “Faces of Victory”. Berta Grigorievna also told about her children and grandchildren and said that she was very proud of them. She thanked the volunteers for the visit and hoped that they will visit her again soon!

Shabbat is the seventh day of the week, which for the Jews is in fact a holiday. Already the day before Shabbat, the Jews begin to wish each other “Shabbat shalom” that is “peaceful Saturday” or “hello Saturday”. The Jews meet Shabbat with traditional Shabbat dishes and rituals. The wife lights the candles, the husband reads the blessing on Shabbat, the Shabbat wine (similar to Cahors) or grape juice is poured in glasses, the hala (a special bread for Shabbat) is broken. The whole family sits around the table and meets Shabbat – they talk, eat, and sing songs. Shabbat begins with sunset on Friday and ends on Saturday, also, with sunset. For a Jew who keeps up traditions, Shabbat is a sacred day, so it is not only met, but also seen off.

Shabbat shalom!