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10/07/2017 22:23

May 9 is the day when we remember those, who in the worst days of the War, fought to the last patron, being surrounded and injured. We bow before the heroism of those who combated for our future, who beat the invader on earth and in the sky.

On May 11, the presentation of the documentary film “Where I was found by the Victory”, dedicated to people who survived the Great Patriotic War, took place. The film was based on the true stories of the elderly, who also became his main characters. They told our volunteers about what they had to face, about life and death, and about what the ruthless War took from them and what was achieved.

The volunteers of this project also were involved in preparation, logistics and carrying out the whole event.

We, the RVC team, thank the veterans for the peaceful sky above our heads! We wish you long life!