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08/02/2019 17:36

Dear friends, we hope, that many of you have already heard about the unique project “School of life”. The aim of the project is to prepare orphans and boarding school pupils for “adult” life, which is waiting for them outside the orphanage.

And we are happy to share the fact that the course for pupils of the boarding school of Hincesti, Kerpinen village, ended on January 19. For three months the children together with our volunteers had been studying various topics, conducted master classes, lectures and meetings, which will help them integrate into modern society in the near future. And this Saturday the project participants were finally given diplomas, which confirm that they have fully completed the course.

We are sure that the course will help them to more quickly and easily adapt to the “adult” life, solve problems, find a way out of various situations and even make their choice of career.

We are proud of them and say thanks for their diligence, patience, curiosity and open-mindedness! We wish you success and good luck in achieving your goals. We hope that the acquired knowledge will be useful more than once and will help you in your life journey.

We also thank the coordinators of this project Doni Maria and Gelushke Vlad.