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06/01/2019 17:17

It happens sometimes that someone needs neither physical nor financial help, because in fact he or she needs to be given knowledge, life experience, piece of advice and support. And if you give it, then you can really help him/her. Schooloflife is a unique project that focuses on preparing orphans and boarding school graduates for “adult” life, which awaits them outside the orphanage.

In this project, a group of volunteers, and sometimes invited lecturers from completely different activity fields hold on-site lectures and meetings at a boarding school, and conduct various master classes, lectures, and classes that will help them quickly adapt to the real life. We are proud that we are creating projects that can help completely different people who need it. And this time, our volunteers went to the “Kerpinen” boarding school, which is located in the Hincesti district, and had already the first lesson.

The meeting was on the topic: helping people. The children were shown volunteer activities from the inside. It began with a pleasant conversation and the children were asked if they helped someone. Then they were shown a video about Good Deeds Day, after which the young participants of the project discussed the way volunteers help people. The guys worked with the volunteers in groups especially well, completing the following task: how to help people at school, the boarding school or outside. And all together we came to the conclusion that helping is great. It’s a great pleasure to feel useful, realize that you’ve made someone a little happier, someone’s life easier and in general that you are able to help people.

At the end of our meeting, all participants filled out a feedback blank and we had a coffee break. In addition, we gave the director an envelope with homework, which should be done till the next meeting. We hope that it will take place in the same warm and friendly atmosphere.