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17/09/2017 14:27

Within the framework of the project called Memory Shards run by YadVashem: WorldHolocaust Center, Jerusalem a preparatory workshop was held yesterday for our volunteers.

In the period of September 11-14, our volunteers guided by Yad Vashem staff will be collecting materials about lives and destinies of Jews caught in the crossfire of World War II in the former Soviet Union and will be conducting interviews.

Yad Vashem staff told our volunteers the story and mission of the Memorial Complex in details and explained them the tasks they have to fulfill. Volunteers received detailed verbal and written instructions on how to collect the required information.

They must be well prepared and have the necessary skills and knowledge in order to accomplish the mission at the highest level.

The workshop was attended by the representatives of several organizations who thanked our volunteers for their initiative because they will be doing a hard job for four days.

We wish good luck and success to all those involved in the Memory Shards Project!

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