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18/10/2017 18:04

Volunteer project “Shades of Happiness Project


A sunny winter day is a wonderful occasion for doing good deeds. Volunteers of the project called Shades of Happiness did not want to miss the chance and visited the children in Carpineni village boarding school situated in Hincesti District.
A psychotherapy session with a psychologist and a Christmas-related master class given by our volunteers was a nice surprise for our beneficiaries. We worked with children from different age groups in order to identify their specific needs and interests, and to help them solve their issues. They were amazed with the Christmas wreaths in the shape of a deer they made of fir cones and other materials at hand.
For some volunteers, it was their first visit to the boarding school, and they were very much impressed by what they had seen and experienced.
We would like to thank everyone who donates their time and energy within the framework of the project called Shades of Happiness. You help us to brighten up these children’s lives, and we truly appreciate what you do!