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24/12/2016 20:11

Sunny winter day is the best time for good deeds! The volunteers of the project “Shades of joy” have decided not to miss such a chance, therefore, they visited boarding school in the village of Karpineny, in region of Hyncheshti.

The program consisted of training with the psychologist and an art master class. Volunteers worked with children divided into groups according their age. The meeting with the psychologist helped to get acquainted with children and to find out features of their behavior, and also the subjects, that may be interesting for them to be discussed later. During master class children made Christmas wreaths in the form of amusing deer of fir cones and other materials.

Volunteers worked with children of different age, therefore classes have passed absolutely differently. This debut visit especially impressed volunteers who have visited an orphanage for the first time. We are thankful to all who supported us in the first steps of our project! You help to fill the lives of these children with “Shades of joy”!