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06/01/2019 15:11

October, November, December … These are gloomy months for some people, who can be in a bad mood and less enthusiastic at this time. Someone associates this period of time with depression and apathy, but this is not true for our volunteers! We enjoy life and moments, go beyond the routine, and like to be creative.

Now we are creating a theatrical performance, which involves both volunteers and the elderly. It is interesting that the scenario is based on the stories of the elderly. These are real stories or events that happened in life. These are living experiences and feelings. These are the stories of people who survived the Second World War, Holocaust, all the horror and fear that occurred on earth in the forties. So, the volunteers, as well as the audience will be able to touch the art, try themselves as actors and enjoy the performance of young actors, as well as to remember the terrible historical events, honor the memory of victims and not to forget about great heroic deed and victory. It is important to remember what happened, because our history is not about the dates and names of periods of time, but it lives in our memory and teaches us not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Rehearsals are scheduled for three months. The guys meet every week on Tuesdays. Not only young people are rehearsing, the older generation is actively involved in everything. And this is really great, because it makes easier to get used to the scene and atmosphere; it helps get better into characters. The premiere is scheduled for January, but there is no exact date yet. We will definitely keep you informed.