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16/07/2017 15:38

Our four-legged little brothers are outstandingly devoted and sincere creatures. However, animals in our country are not protected by law, and people are often very cruel to the weak. They bring the animal to their home, experiencing emotions similar to buying a plush toy. A list of such immoral acts can be continued for a long time; however our volunteers decided to balance them with good deeds. We started our own marathon of care and kindness, which our fluffy friends deserve.

Several times a year we visit our wards in the animal shelter “Island of Hope”. This time we had a trip to Anenii Noi again. We gathered a small team of volunteers who want to give their attention and care to lonely animals. We brought some food and other things with us, and managed to do a few good deeds in several hours. The dogs were happy to walk, to taste delicious bagels and to be petted and hugged.

By the way, this time we found some new members in a large family of islanders!