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25/11/2015 11:58

«Children’s College» in RVC is open now!
The project was designed for children from 7 to 13 years old. Pupils of the College are involved in choreography, photography, exploring Jewish traditions, as well as in different art master classes. Volunteers of the project have set themselves a task to show children different kinds of arts, to develop their skills and creative thinking. So, they may easily make a decision which kind of activity is interesting for them, and what is worth practicing in future.
The classes are held by the volunteers of RVC for the children who really need it, namely those from families at risk, vulnerable and low-income families. Their parents may also attend master classes in order to see how and in what conditions their children are spending their time. The volunteers of the project were also taught by the psychologist and project coordinator how to work with children from group of risk.

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