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27/11/2015 12:00

Our volunteers continue to visit old people. We would like to remind that within the project “ Shabbat Guest” we do not only visit the erderly people , but also meet Sabbat with them. This time a group of volunteers payed a visit to Matiuh Charna Beniaminovna. She is 92 years old, 42 years of which she worked in the field of trade. Working for such a long time, Charna Beniaminovna received neither objections nor complaints from her clients.
When she met volunteers at the doorstep of her house, she was pleasantly surprised at their attentiveness and politeness. After spending Sabbat together, the volunteers stayed for quite some time. Charna Beniaminovna was happy about their visit. She said she was glad that young people were engaged in volunteering nowadays.

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