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05/01/2019 19:00

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have been tamed” – how often do we hear this expression, how much sense has been put into it. But unfortunately, we manage to do so little from what we really have to do. How many times did you get your heart broken at the sight of a frozen kitten or a hungry puppy? We are sure that there are many good people among us who help, feed and care for homeless animals.

And we are not an exception. As you probably already know, it is not the first time we visit the animal shelter with the touching name “Island of Hope” in Anenii Noi. In this place our four-legged friends always meet us with endless love, gratitude and joy and their eyes are shining. On October 21, our next visit took place. We had a wonderful, and most importantly, good time, as we helped to build houses, walked with fluffies, played with them a lot, fed them, brought many presents and just gave this place our warmth and love.

We would like to thank everyone who donated things to the shelter and those who took part in the trip! Remember, animals need our care, help and love. Open your heart to good deeds! Let’s make this world better together!